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Check out and if you’re in a great band, send us a track or two to go on the album. All money received from sales of this e-album will go to the Cancer Society. Some will be used to raise awareness of the importance of PSA testing in men over 40, and the remainder will go towards research.

We will be selling the e-album electronically only, due to the fact that there will be way too many tracks on it to be released in the traditional CD manner. We can have up to 200 tracks on it, and already have 24 tracks with many more promised.

We hope to have more well known bands committing to the album soon, and any new bands will be added to the growing list on the web site as soon as possible.

We want this release to contain all type of musical genre, and we will release the whole album for $10, so it will be tremendous value.

So far, we have commitments from Bob Egan (of Blue Rodeo fame), Hello Bella, The Joys, Running Red Lights, K√ľnstler Trio, LivingWithAnAngel, Digital Aura, Jim Shelley, Auld Beak, Ben Niven, Don Campau & Brian Baker, HYDRA, Third Door From The Left (revisited), Heather Perkins, Robert Sword, CCU, The Happy Vanishing, Mushroom Suzie, Marc Hans Rummig, Hebephrenic, Fear + Whiskey, Eric Tricklebank, Spleen Poetry, SIT, The Ripe Oranges, Steve White & The Protest Family.

I must say I am absolutely stunned by the talent shown on these tracks. Truly Amazing. I hope to have the cover design finalized soon, meeting with the Cancer Society in the next couple of weeks, and we will work on what’s permissible logo-wise etc.