It was early 1977, I was at college, and I found punk. It was so new, so irreverent, so vibrant, exciting, and it had me hooked. I remember thinking that if they could do it, I could. However, I didn’t. Not until I met T.G. and everything changed. Their sound completely enveloped me and left me wanting more. I wanted to make music like that, combined with the punk ethic. At a TG/Cabaret Voltaire/Rema Rema concert in London, I met Raye. We hit it off immediately and soon after, Third Door From The Left was born. Two live events and one “studio” cassette later, I left to walk my own path as webeecho. I released several cassette albums, contributed to compilation cassettes, albums, an EP and a CD. I stopped recording in 1989.

Ten years later, I started again. In a new country, in a new life, with a new name: LivingWithAnAngel. My recordings are now digital, using macs and an oxygen8 midi keyboard. Now, another 10 years later, I have almost completed my second album, and am working on the soundtrack to a movie that I am writing the screenplay for. Exciting indeed (in between this, I wrote the soundtrack for the movie Ghost Trap, which I also created the visual effects for. You can buy the Ghost Trap soundtrack CD by clicking this link).

Raye and I lost touch soon after webeecho was formed. We found each other again some 25 years later. We managed to meet up in 2008 when I was briefly back in the UK, and hope to work together on some tracks for the movie.

You can read more about our story — Third Door From The Left, webeecho, thirsty war victims, Hydra, LivingWithAnAngel. It’s all there….click this link, and come on in!


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